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Be Yourself, Just Be free♥

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My Name is Luvy♥ (love-ee)
Jesus,Family,Food are the Main things I love in Life.
This About me area couldn't even sum up half of me:)
I am Brilliant,Pretty,Smart , And Haitian:D

The rest is on this blog so go ahead follow me
I know you're Curious ......

- Disclaimer: I do not take
any credit for the pictures that
are posted here, so if any of
them are yours and
you are in need of credit then
feel free to contact me :)

It's just Tumblr , chill with the hate.
I Impress when I express not Express to

/ Sat Sep 20th, 2014 Anonymous Asked: "I love it...loveee it. More pictures of you would be great too :) bye"



/ Sat Sep 20th, 2014

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red lipstick is so essential
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lol he blocked me
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Beach life! #JaidaBenjamin — Actress at Santa Monica Beach.
Loc Beauty ! 

she is………..beyond beautiful